Chakalaka Bar & Grill



Chakalaka Bar & Grill

Chakalaka Bar & Grill is a young restaurant that needed a website that reflected their business: stylish, delicious, and full-service.

The layout is fully mobile responsive, features sticky navigation, while also being clean and easy to navigate.

While the main theme is certainly food, it also easily advertises it’s burgeoning offerings such as the popular Sunday brunch buffet as well as catered banquet services.

The site also features an easy-to-use contact form with attachment upload options: perfect for job applications or events bookings.

As they offer many specialty Banquet Room catering menus, Chakalaka needed a way to speed up the bookings process for potential clients. The Banquet Room page includes PDF versions of all of the Banquet Menus, making it easier for potential clients to get an idea of both the scope of food available as well as the cost.

Chakalaka Bar & Grill’s Main Menu as well as Daily Specials Menu have their own pages and are very easy to read and navigate.

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